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What a great experience to be in Mona’s online Autumn Tapping Circle. I had heard so much about her from my dear friend who has been receiving cancer coaching and I was invited to participate. Mona has a sweet and giving enthusiasm that one cannot help but be infected by. She is brilliant in her knowledge of meridian and energy points in the body and how they relate holistically to all our organs and the effect they have on us, especially if we are out of balance. Mona has wonderful deep insight and uses tapping to help our nervous system to stay calm in the fight or flight feelings  we encounter. At first I was nervous that this would be a very heavy intense experience, but that is not at all who Mona is. She is light hearted, creative, kind, and loves to have just the right amount of fun to lift our energy and spirit. LL 

Mona’s passion and enthusiasm for her work is contagious. She gives her all at every session and it creates warmth, connection, and a safe and joyous place to heal. I especially like the group sessions because the feeling of connection and support is multiplied. DC