Kind words from my clients


Working with Mona was a transformation experience. She approached every session with passion, warmth and kindness and I have learned new skills and techniques that helped me to improve my health, develop self compassion and understand how to be loving to myself and others.

Mona is very open-minded person who creates trusting and comfortable atmosphere and I always felt positively impacted after each session.

Thanks to Mona’s influence my health improved, I am meditating daily, and feel positive about my daily life routine and future.
I would strongly recommend Mona as she is always upgrading her skills by taking courses, practicing new techniques and sharing them with her clients.




Mona found a way to reach my heart and open it up to the world. I had more energy, more excitement and enhanced my relationship with the world and people around me. She realized my potential and found a way for me to transform into the person hidden deep inside who was protected in some ways behind all the emotions. I thrive and love my life from her and the hard work she put me through. She is one of the most empathetic and compassionate women I know…it is an honour to know her.



Mona Meyer is a very special woman. She assisted me in a time of great suffering in my life, which of course we all go through, and I was so lucky to have discovered her through Soul 7. We then continued to work together in her private practice. She gave me different tools and techniques that could help assist me with this suffering. Tools that I was able to include in my daily practice, and tools that I was able to modify to work more effectively for me. She listens with an open heart, and she gives you her full attention and care when you are in her presence. She will work with you for the full hour and sometimes even longer because it matters to her that you get something out of each session and that you have things to work on before the next one. She loves helping people and her passion shines through in the way that she shows up and is attentive for her clients. Lots of love for her. Thanks Mona. 🙂



My friend Mona had told me about tapping as a pain treatment which I found very intriguing. I had an accident and fractured a bone in my left humerus which was very painful. A week after the accident I was supposed to go back to the hospital for a check-up. During the night and especially in the morning I was in excruciating pain. But the pain now was in my right ribcage which was later diagnosed as another fracture. Since my system does not tolerate any painkillers and I could hardly bear the pain I called Mona in desperation. I did not want to miss my hospital appointment and Mona suggested to come over and treat me. I relaxed immediately and after a while the pain subsided. Since then I have had a few more treatments and am very thankful to Mona to have introduced me to this modality of EFT. I can highly recommend Mona as a very professional and compassionate mediator.



Mona’s ability to help me gather insights and un-bury/de-tangle triggers was immensely helpful. She didn’t allow me to take the easy way out (passed no judgement or criticism along the way) and that it was ok to trust my instincts. Mona became a trusted advisor on my journey and let me know it was safe to trust again. The learning was very powerful, every step of the way. She provided excellent recommendations for further resources, and maintained a high degree of integrity throughout our time together. Mona allowed me to be myself and understand emotionally that just being me was good enough – warts and all!



One day, my RMT started talking about a new technique she’d been using herself, called “tapping”, and said she was blown away by how effective it was at almost instantly decreasing anxiety, increasing mindfulness, and allowing for the release of blocked emotion. I googled it, and read a few practitioners’ insights and stories. About a year later, my RMT mentioned that she’d met a woman who was going through the process of becoming an EFT/tapping practitioner, and needed volunteers to complete her training. I was interested, and met Mona Meyer — a highly educated, professional, engaging, compassionate woman who was eager to expand her learning and clientele. When she showed me the actual physical technique of tapping, I admit I didn’t think it could possibly have any affect. It seemed almost silly to tap repeatedly on my forehead while repeating mantras aloud. But the result! It was absolutely mind-blowing. After my first session, the nervous tension in my stomach had disappeared. The issue we had focussed on for our session seemed to recede as no longer such a crushing emotional obstacle. I was delighted, impressed, and totally surprised. It WORKS. And it works quickly. It is truly an incredible, effective, liberating technique that does make sense, when you look at it as a mode of activating the energy centres in our bodies — to finally allow them to do their job, instead of constantly blocking ourselves with rumination, self-medication, and ignorance. I have maintained a casual practice of tapping, and I find myself feeling hopeful, energetic, engaged, and free of anxiety and emotional pain after I complete a session. EFT, or tapping, is remarkable. It is real. And everyone should do it.

-Jennie Jones, age 47, Toronto, ON

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