Cancer&Emotions - A Hidden World

Bridging science and the wisdom of the body

  • Science: How emotions regulate our genes and cancer growth
  • Cancer – A healing response gone wrong
  • Unconscious programs: unleash the habits that create havoc

Photo by Marius Venter

“Knowledge is power which can be harnessed to control health.”  Bruce Lipton

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Though I knew many of the EP [Energy Psychology] concepts, for patients it is an eye opening to many other ways of healing… Mona’s enthusiasm and positive energy goes beyond the screen and involves us in a wonderful contagious way. Though tired, I was always looking forward to our meetings.’ MG

This was my introduction to energy medicine and practicing the energy exercises at home brought me calm. I like doing them and I will continue to do so… The course was a good balance of content and practice and the take home exercises were helpful… I really liked the videos you made of the energy exercises. They are extremely helpful… I want to share that I appreciated how authentic you were with us and that created a comfortable enjoyable atmosphere for learning. DC

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